Saturday, April 4, 2009

Angina and the Fears of Death

Peace be with you all who suffer with this type of Illness who would desire to live each day not sure if you will see the morrow. Praise be the Lord God of Heaven and Earth for his Mercy and Long suffering. Blessed be his name for he is worthy of all the Praise we can muster from within these bodies of flesh and bones. Be strong and keep your Faith in Him to be with you always. We cannot understand sometimes and that is a Prayer for most of us why me Lord could this be because I did not live my life as I should. But we must be honest with ourselves that he gave us charge that our body is a Temple and we are in care of our own bodies. If we don't eat right who can we blame. May God be with you I pray I know this is a scary thing to live with so I do not take anyone lightly on the way they feel. Now I do understand that this type of Heart Disease that is passed down from our family so sometimes we might not totally be responsible God Bless you all Amen !

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