Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do we Know his Grace is Sufficient for us? Heart Problems!

Now I want to start on myself because this could pertain to allot of us I felt this speaking to me only. I myself came though a time of my life where things were in his control that saved my life here on this earth. I want anyone who suffers with any forms of Heart Disease to listen. I was living outside of his Love and Guidance. I was taken to the Hospital with a slight pressure on my chest like my hand was on my chest when you do the pledge of elegance to the flag. They kept me over night testing me and wanted to hold me until the next Monday morning to do a Heart Catheration so all I could do was say ok. They started and everything was where I could here everyone in the room. The Doctor who was doing the procedure was on a speaker system. They went in the vain in my leg and inserted the Cathe ration to look at the arteries around my Heart. He found a few arteries that we partly blocked but on main artery was 90% blocked. So he ask the tech's for a certain number of stint which is what they use to open the artery. They did not have that one so they used one close to the same size.

When they inserted this stint and started to open the artery the Wall started to tear and kept tearing. I heard them say we have a problem people were all around me trying to get a I.V. started to put me on out. When they woke me up it was outside of the room and said it would be a good idea to bring my children in to see them before I went into Emergency Open Heart Surgery. I told them no to tell my children there father will be fine do not tell them that there is a one hour window for me to be operated on. You see at this time they were telling me they had one hour to get me into surgery or I was gone. Now what they did not tell me was they were still trying to put a Surgery team together. One hour and no surgery team now I was kind of in a corner. I do not remember anything until I woke up one night in the Critical Care Unit on Life Support. I was there for three days. When I finally had a chance to speak to a Doctor who was my Surgeon when I was taken off life support. He explained to me that they could not do everything they wanted and that because I was out for so long the main artery was to late to keep my heart from sustaining damage.

Now we get to the word of Angina that Heart patents go though in our everyday lives you see this helps me to be humble so more can use this to help them in there relationships with there Lord and Savior. I will write more on the subject of angina you see my Surgeon was the only one I listen to afterwards. I was given nitro tablets to take and I did take them for a while. But when you realize that this is how it is going to be you learn to live with it. The Lord Jesus Christ has helped me all the way I just did not keep him lifted up then as I do now. He is worthy of all Praise.

If you are a Heart Patient you know what its like to be scared that you are going to die daily even hourly or even by the minute. One thing you know is it gets worse and better pressure does not help so trusting in Jesus can help Tremendously for anyone whao suffers from Heart Problems and Angina That can make you feel quite helpless that no one will listen to you that no one seems to care. Life is Amazing you hold on just hoping that you will make it untill Jesus Comes for his Church! I tell you now if you do not know him what in the world are you waiting on you need him now! Amen!!!

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